Acquaintance with Warwan Valley

In the heavenly beauty of Kashmir, some hidden gems like Warwan Valley can be located. Amidst the mushing greenery, a small beautiful valley called Warwan can be found. The valley is located in Kishtwar district, rooted on 7000 feet altitude above the sea level in the womb of Himalayas. The luxuriously beatified Warwan Valley is situated in the middle of Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.

Warwan Valley
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Well, the Warwan Valley’s geographical location is totally untainted from the outside world and its lusting Beauty is well kept. This valley is situated at only a three hours drive from the renowned tourist place of Kokernag in South Kashmir’s Islamabad (Anantnag) district. So, in other words, just traveling 50 kilometers of a memorizing journey of twisted mountain’s you will find this hidden gem. The bone-chilling cold breeze and sheep grazing is the sign that you are entering into the heaven of earth.

Paragon period to visit Warwan Valley

The charming valley of Kashmir is located in the inner parts of the Himalayas. This makes it a tad bit less accessible. As for almost seven months of the year, Warwan Valley is disconnected from the rest of world. An ideal time to visit this beauty would be from April to October. As from November snowfall starts and normally only in March weather starts to clear. So, summertime is perfect to visit Warwan Valley to experience the dynamic trekking route.

Warwan Valley

Trekking Escapade in Warwan Valley slants

Well, while visiting Warwan valley you can experience one unbelievable trekking route. Throughout the extent of the valley you can witness a surreal landscape. The Warwan valley has luring powers. You can get to experience four different trek destinations there:

#Zanskar to Kashmir. From the desert mountains of Zanskar this crossover trek starts. Zanskar mountain view will tell you exactly why people gush over the sandy mountains of Ladakh. While you are admiring the rocky and bumpy Zanskar view. Then suddenly from the other side, a lush green Kashmir view stood in front of you. This sudden change is beyond expressible and only person standing there can understand this feeling.

#Lomvilad crossing. In this crystal clear trek, you will actually trek between two glaciers. You literally walk on the snow-covered bed and walk from one glacier to another. Just expressing this scenario is giving me goosebumps, imagine actually experiencing it first hand. True heaven!

#Extended Grassland of Kashmir. Kashmir has long extended greenery and breathtaking views. It’s one of its kind. No wonder why Pakistanis have spent an eternity chasing it. You will see the ever extended grasslands of Kashmir in the untouched areas of Warwan Valley. It is hard to find such a view anywhere else and that’s mind-blowing reason to trek.

#Cultural Versatility. In the Warwan Valley trek, you will come face to face with a new culture. Where people travel from one place to another on horses and gaze their sheep. Where you will hear long forget Pashto language and learn new skills. So, practically everything you see in the Valley is unique and beautiful.

Warwan Valley

Nearby Attractions:

Now you don’t need to stick to the Warwan Valley only as you are near to some other stunning places. While your visit, you can explore some nearby tourist attractions also. So, you can visit these place in your spare time to make your journey super special:

  • Sheshnag Lake with approximate distance of *10.1 km from Jammu And Kashmir
  • Beetab Valley with rough distance *13.7 km
  • Aru Valley has *16.1 km distance from Jammu and Kashmir
  • Zoji-La is just *22.2 km away from Jammu and Kashmir
Warwan Valley
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Head up to Warwan Valley now

Well, I know after reading the tale of this Valley you are dying to visit this place. So who is stopping you, gear up your travel bag and book your tickets now. Witness the virgin beauty of Warwan Valley of Kashmir and churn out some hidden secrets of the deserted valley.