Air BnB is a company which has become a major innovative solution to travelers’ woes regarding lodging. It allows people to put up houses or rooms for temporary guests. This thus lets travelers and room-owners connect directly. This is a novel solution. It also expands the choice available to travelers beyond the same old hotel rooms. You now have a whole range of diverse, serene Air BnB locations to choose from.

From cozy homestays for those looking for an authentic, local experience or luxury villas for those who just want to get away, Air BnB offers it all. To give you a taste of the variety available to you on travel we’ve assembled this list of serene Air BnB locations. And it covers everything from affordable, tucked-away getaways to the high point of traveling luxury.

  1. Himalayan House

    Himalayan House's secluded location on the mountain face

This property is the pinnacle of bliss for those who want a quiet mountain retreat. It is located just 5 km from Manali and is a perfect detour during your hill-station trip. This property is accessible only through a 40 minute walk up a hill slope, ensuring that nothing disturbs you. Waterfalls, orchards, and lush greenery dot the landscape which is appropriately dubbed ‘valley of the gods’. This is therefore the ideal serene Air BnB for those who enjoy mountain walks, trekking, and nature photography. And if having too much alone time is a concern for you, then don’t worry. The nearest village, packed with restaurants and souvenir shops, is just a 20 minute walk away.

It has a total of three bedrooms, two beds, and one bath. While only the ground floor of the house is available, it is a very comfortable stay.


2. Goan Country Villa

Goan Country Villa's deep blue exteriors and attached pool

Air BnB throws up many wonders and this is definitely one of them. This gorgeous country villa is one of the most serene Air BnB locations. It is in the village of Siolim in North Goa. While not the center of nightlife this villa has its own allure. It is of a modern design with a beautiful deep blue exterior. It is located away from the party bustle of Goa and hence has a restive aura.

Yet for those who want a bit of Goa’s famous party life, the best of both worlds is easily available. It has a beautiful pool attached and liquor and grocery stores just round the corner. This makes this spacious 1700 sq. ft. property ideal for both relaxation and subdued private parties.

It can host up to 6 guests and has 3 spacious, modern bedrooms.


3. Heritage Apt

The traditional Rajasthani interiors and green view of Heritage Apt. 3

This is the perfect location for those who need to balance work and relaxation. It is in the capital city of Delhi, less than 45 minutes from the airport. It is an independent single-bedroom apartment. This serene Air BnB apartment also comes with a kitchen and living room.

It is built in old Rajasthani style and comes with a view of a lake. As well as the lake, 13th century monuments in Hauz Khas are also visible. Apart from this taste of tradition, this location also offers many modern delights. Art galleries and bookstores dot the Hauz Khas area. As a result, it is a bustling centre of culture in the city. Apart from this, it also has the trendiest pubs and restaurants in the city. This apartment thus gives you the option to either have a quiet night in or enjoy the nightlife of the city. As a result, it is both a lively and serene Air BnB.


4. Bilberry Cottage Homestay, Ooty

The tucked away BilBerry Cottage

As stated before, Air BnB brings together various types of residences. One of its most well-reviewed homestays is the Bilberry Cottage in Ooty. This is a beautiful studio apartment and it comes with a master bedroom as well as a sleeping loft. It is nestled in the Nilgiri mountains and surrounded by lush forests and sprawling tea plantations.

It is at a distance from Ooty, which allows you to enjoy some peace and quiet. However, you can always go down to the city if you wish to visit a popular restaurant or cafe. You can also meander through the tea estates, the forests, and even a park. For those with children, a playground near the forest is a perfect scenic addition. This makes for a tranquil and serene Air BnB experience.

Alongside the lush flora, animal enthusiasts can also get views of bison herds and other wild animals which frequent the area. And closer home, the owners of the homestay own two dogs – a popular attraction for dog lovers!

5. Singtom Tea Estate Resort

The beautiful gardens of Singtom Resort

At the luxury end of its spectrum, this decadent resort in Darjeeling’s third oldest tea estate is decadently serene Air Bnb. It is a placed steeped in history. It blends colonial architecture with state-of-the-art amenities. Alongside a beautiful view of the sprawling tea-estates, you can also see distant Himalayan peaks. Apart from this, the wooden interiors, with the Buddhist decor and crackling fireplaces, promise you a supremely luxurious stay.

This resort is situated across several acres. Long walks through tea-estates are a must in this serene Air BnB. The resort also offers picnic packages. So if you need a romantic getaway for two or a solitary spiritual experience, the Singtom Tea Estate beckons.