You haven’t lived until you take that plunge into waters in your birthday suit. Yes, we’re talking about skinny dipping! For those who don’t know, skinny dipping is the art of stripping down to your bare buttocks and swimming in an ocean, river or lake. There are numerous places around the world one can skinny dip in, but we are going to list the best and most beautiful ones for you. So what are you waiting for? Take that plunge, strip off those shirts, get rid of your underwear and be free fellow skinny dippers!

Here is the list of the top 10 places to go skinny dipping

10. Fisherman’s Cove – UK


This beautiful coastal stretch is not only one of the many places people go to skinny dip in the UK, but also one of the most striking. Not only are the waters a gorgeous shade of turquoise but the surrounding cliffs and white sandy beach make this a perfect spot for tourists and locals alike to strip down and relax.



9. Yosemite National Park – USA



You would need a whole weekend to get a proper look at one of America’s most famous national parks! It happens to also boast the tallest waterfall found in North America. Yosemite National Park is the perfect place to go for a hike in the wilderness. Now why not do all of this, but naked? Yes please. Skinny dipping in the falls!


8. Viti Lake – Iceland



How would you like to go swimming in a volcanic paradise? Due to a massive eruption that took place in 1875, the site collapsed within itself and water filled up inside it creating a charming lake. Isolated and hard to reach resulting in only the bravest venturing out there for a swim. Fair warning, make sure you have a very experienced driver with you if you attempt to make this journey as the roads leading there can be highly dangerous!


 7.Paradise Beach – Greece


Now here is a perfect beach for all you party people out there, a place where the party never stops, no wonder its called Paradise Beach! This beach is full of banging bars, crazy clubs and raving restaurants. So if you’re looking for some place quiet and relaxing, this is not the beach for you! Oh and did we mention, clothing is optional.  So go skinny dipping in paradise.



6. Radha Nagar – Andaman & Nicobar Islandswanderingcerebrations

Among one of the few beaches of Havelock Island, this beach is often referred to as the best Asian beach. Debatable but it’s on the top nonetheless. The pristine condition and the turquoise blue water is capable enough to lure you for a cheeky dip.



5. Turtle Island, Fijiwanderingcerebrations

We are sure that most of you are well familiar with the mesmerizing elements of Fiji. Turtle Island most defiantly lives up to those expectations. This island is a highly private and luxurious one, the resort only holds place for 14 couples! The perfect place for a honeymoon, don’t you think? Considering the privacy of this island, skinny dipping seems like the obvious thing to do, why pack any swimwear at all?



4.Lahti, Finlandwanderingcerebrations

Lahti is a wonderful little city found on the southern end of Lake Vesijärvi. If you’re looking for a quiet place to kick back and relax, this is the place for you! Try their traditional beer, Sahti. Take a bite out of some exotic meat like reindeer and strip bare to take a dip in the warm waters. The best month to visit Lahti would be in June.



3. Anchor Church Caves – Englandwanderingcerebrations

Anchor Church is the name given to a series of caves in a Keuper Sandstone (Triassic conglomerate) outcrop, close to the village of Ingelby, England. The caves have been reshaped by human intrusions to form minimalist kind of residing places with windows and doors. Skinny dipping here takes you back in time to the 19th century.



2. Traditional onsen, Japanskinny dipping

Ah Japan! What a spectacularly cultural place. Onsen is the Japanese term for hot spring, there are thousands of such springs across Japan. Traditional baths that people can kick back and relax in. You can find many kinds ranging from outdoors or indoors, private or public. If you ever find yourself stressed out or in the midst of a mid-life crisis then take a trip to Japan, strip down and let your worries fade away in the relaxing waters of the Onsen.



1.Maslin Beach, South Australia skinny dipping

After all, the land down under is famous for their breath taking white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. Maslin beach is known to be one of Adelaide’s oldest nudist beach. It is a beautiful long stretch of a white sand, perfect for long walks along the amazing waters, naked of course.