The perfect ingredients for an indelible adventure is a mixture of the spotless beaches, turquoise crystal clear water, genial surroundings and a good jump into the world of fishes. Exploring the under water caves and discovering the mysteries is the attempt which we should try at least once in our life. Life under the sea with deep blue and green layers preserves the beauty of past and the time capsule of the life cycles of radiant marine life which we cannot see without making up our mind. Yes! Making your mind for experiencing the man made marvel named Scuba Diving. Scuba diving has recently gained a lot of importance in the media of water sports. Hence, highly in demand these days.

From Antarctica to the Arctic and from America to Asia there are a plethora of options for scuba diving. Though the question that always arises is; “Which is the best?” It’s always difficult among all the options to choose the best but we’ve created our Top 5 list. Here it goes!

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations


1. The Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia

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Palau is like a crazy dream. It is one the most exotic islands in the world. The Blue Corner is in the Southeast of the Philippines. This paradise gives the home to Silky Sharks, Manta rays, marlin, sword fish and bigeye tuna. Diving into the blue corner is simply splendid as the strong currents take you to the reef surrounded by sharks. Just imagine the sharks playing around you. Napolean Warrase one of the endangered species of marine life can also catch your eyes while diving into the depth of the sea.

This place is arguably the most picture perfect place for any scuba diver.A turn of the tide at 360 degrees and there you go into the active world of the blue holes.

Best Time to Visit

February and March are the months which are best to take a dip in the sea. On the other hand, November has acceptable weather conditions.

2. Cenote Dos Ojos, Mexico

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This place cannot be simply left aside. Cenote Dos Ojos has the world’s largest underwater caves taking us to the ancient geographical region whose vegetation is still untouched. The temperature of the sea remains from 24 to 25 degrees throughout the year. This is 17 kilometers from Tulum and has the fanciest fishes of the world. The water is so crystal clear that the structure of caves are easily visible and can be photographed with great fascination. This place is just not about scuba diving. In fact, the Mayan culture welcomes everyone with deep history and relaxation. No doubt why the word ‘ Cenote’ means sacred well.

The price for dives varies from each other according to the equipment. Four dives in two days with equipment costs $140 i.e 8,967 INR and 7132.72 Philippines Peso.

Best Time to Visit

Month of August

3. The Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman

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This diving site is as glittery as the silver dust. It is home to the Silver Parrot fish and Barracuda which is perfect for diving and as well as for all types of snorkeling. The Devil Grotto takes us to the mysterious expedition of mazes under the sea. This place was highly inhabited and soon became a pirate hangout and hence the bed of sea is surrounded by the ship wreck. There are lots of turtles here which are roasted as the staple food of Grand Cayman Islands.

Best Time to Visit

The Caribbean mornings in the months of May-June is the best time to visit the Grotto.

4. Zenobia, Cyprus

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Zenobia is known for the world’s best wreck dive site in the world. It’s a great experience to dive here as it is ironically the most beautiful wreck. There are many identifiable objects here, like Alexandria an Egyptian ship which went down in 2006.The wreck is available to all divers and scattered with cars, jeeps, trolleys, trucks and many other. We can go from 22 meters to 42 meters down. Fishing in Zenobia is strictly prohibited and can lead to the charges of 5000 Euros and six months of prison.

Best Time to Visit

The diving season runs from March to November.

5. SILFRA, Iceland

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Diving in Silfra can lead you to the most pristine and transparent waters of the world. SILFRA is a creek which divides the tectonic plates of Europe and America. It is the only place in the world where we can discover the tectonic plates.The creek is filled with the spring water that is formed from the distant glaciers.The divers from all over the world come here to experience this unique scuba diving between the two countries. Divers say that the incredible visibility of the water is no exaggeration. This creek gets ample sunlight making the dive more memorable and clear.

Best Time to Visit

Summers in Iceland is the most ideal.