As October rolls in, a number of subtle changes begin to take place. October is the month of autumn. Trees begin to flush in beautiful red and orange colours. The harsh summer temperature drops. In addition, a number of festivals and holidays occur in October. As a result, October is an ideal month for traveling. So have a look at our list of best places to visit in October.

There’s something for everyone – even those in the Southern Hemisphere who will have spring not autumn!

  1. Noboribetsu, Japan

    Noboribetsu - One of the best places to visit in October in Japan
    Source: Fast Japan

    Japan has a tradition of watching autumn leaves, called koyo in Japanese. Autumn starts in northern Japan in late September. It ends by December in Southern Japan. This makes Japan one of the ideal places to visit in October.

In Japan, Noboribetsu is a popular resort town and has a famous national park. It is one of the most beautiful places for viewing the autumn foliage. Its national park is very vast and is perfect for long walks. There is also a bear park as amusement for children.

Furthermore, the town is known for its hot springs. It is actually a hot spring resort town. As a result, you can enjoy the chilly climate of Northern Japan while soaking in the warm baths. As a result of all the steam from these hot springs, it is aptly called the Valley of Hell or Jigokudani in Japanese.

2. Lake District, UK

The Lake District is one of the most tranquil places to visit in October
Source: Lakes Cottage Holiday

The Lake District in the UK is beautiful at all times of the year. It consists of a number of valleys, lakes, forest and fells. As a result it has very diverse natural features. This makes it one of the best places to visit in October since it offers a landscape for everyone.

The forests have fiery autumn leaves. The bracken in the lakes makes them beautifully green and blue. Furthermore, since the Lake District is in the north of England it is cold at this time of year. This is the ideal weather for brisk walks and short camping trips.

The Lake District is also a heritage site. Because of its beauty many poets have taken inspiration from it. Many famous poets such as Wordsworth wrote about it. Apart from its natural beauty, then, it has a long cultural heritage. So if you are a lover of books walking here is like walking with some of the greatest poets and writers.


3. Lima, Peru

The procession in Lima makes it one of the most fun places to visit in October
Source: Active Adventures

Lima is a historic city of Peru and is its coastal capital. As such, it has many natural and cultural sites to offer. Firstly, its beaches and boardwalks are very popular. They are known for their raucous nightlife. In addition to the boardwalks, the entire city has many clubs and cafes. It has a thriving nightlife culture.

However, it also has a lot of architectural beauty from the colonial era. A lot of museums are also present. They document a long culture heritage. The Architectural Complex of Pachacama is present to the south of the city. Most famously, however, is the Lord of Miracles painting. It was the one object in the city not destroyed by an earthquake in the 17th century.

As such, every October there is a massive celebration in its honour. This makes it one of the important cultural places to visit in October. Thousands of people join this celebration. It consists of a procession through the streets of Lima. People dress in purple and are jubilant in the streets. This makes it a worthwhile October trip.


4. Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur is one of the most beautiful places to visit in October
Source: RajRAS

Peak season in Jodhpur begins to start now and it is one of the coveted places to visit in October. Since temperatures begin to decrease in the city, its desert landscape can be enjoyed. Temperatures stay in the 20s but can go down to 10C later in October.

It is one of the most colourful city in India. Its beautiful blue buildings make for excellent photo-ops. In addition, you can enjoy the Jodhpur Folk Festival in early October. This showcases the city’s many folk traditions and its artistic heritage.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the heritage sights in the city. These include the Mehrangargh Fort and Mandore Gardens. Finally, the lower temperatures mean you can explore the desert. You can take a desert safari trip or drive through it to enjoy the beautiful sand dunes.


5. Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the best places to visit in October due to the Oktoberfest
Source: Business Insider

In late September and early October, Munich hosts the legendary Oktoberfest. It is a massive festival held in the center of Munich. Many people regard it as one of the best party places to visit in October. The first day includes a long parade through the city. And after that the meadow becomes a ground for weeks-long partying.

Up to six million people visit it every year. The Oktoberfest is known around the world for its beer. People consume millions of litres of beer every year. In addition, you also get to enjoy traditional Bavarian food, including wursts or German sausages and sauerkraut. Many Bavarians also dress in the traditional Lederhosen garments. Out of all the places to visit in October, this is the one with the most merrymaking.

Munich also has many museums and landmarks as cultural heritage. The English Gardens in the centre of the city also have beautiful autumn foliage. The centre of the city is also known as a lively shopping district. Thus, if you choose Munich as one of the places to visit in October you’ll be getting an all-round vacation.