Norway is once in a lifetime heavenly place on the earth.From its majestic mountains, Ferrie like villages and famous fjords Norway is the most picture friendly country in the world. Places in Norway beg every life living on the earth to be explored at least once. This country is famous for its natural attraction as well as its history and culture.Natural phenomenon’s of Norway is just unbelievable. In every corner, there’s a challenge and adventure.

5 Natural Phenomena and Unbelievable Places in Norway


1.Saltstraumen Maelstrom

I’m the tides which will take you from both the sides. I will pull and push you in my trance from the force of the moon and sun which shines high. I’ll make your heart numb like an anchor of the ship in the sea. You’ll be surrendered by my whirlpools which will make you forever sleep.

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Saltsraumen Maelstrom located in the Nordland is one the most interesting and mind blowing of all places in Norway. These whirlpools ain’t just normal whirlpools. These are the strongest whirlpools in the world. So strong and large that they can swallow boats in just a fraction of seconds. More than mystical and legendary this sight is deadly but believe me, it’s still an impressive sight to see. Vortices up to 10 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep are formed when the current is at strongest. Just imagine 5 meters deep whirlpools drilling in the sea. This phenomenon happens twice a day for around an hour and can be best viewed from the bridge above it.

2.The Midnight Sun

I’m the source of light which will never let you sleep. Whether it’s 11 pm or 12:30 am in the morning. I’ll keep your eyes wide open until I sleep. Summers will be hard for you if you plan to stay with me because I’ll be up in the sky for 24 hours watching you whilst you are only ‘day dreaming?’

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The northern part of Norway above the Arctic Circle is a place where the sun shines 24 hours a day i.e from mid-may to mid-July. On the other hand, in winter months just the opposite happens. This natural phenomenon of Sun can also be visible from 50 miles away from places in Norway from the Arctic circle. But the sun isn’t that high and prominent from so far.

3. Nigardsbreen Glacier

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Glacier Tongue, Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway — Image by © Radius Images/Corbis

I’m one of the most accessible glaciers which you can hear cracking and moving.My hues can be seen melting into the clearest blue turquoise water. You can hike over me wearing crampons to make yourself feel relieved or else you never know when you slip.

Nigardsbreen lies about 30 kilometres north of the village of Gaupne in the Jostedalen valley, Norway. The melted water from the glacier is an enormous source of hydroelectric energy. The Glacier throws a thrilling and tremendous experience of hiking for a large number of tourists. It takes around 6-8 hours to climb the glacier. The beauty of this glacier is ineffable. As we said you’ve to see to believe. In fact, it is said that in around 20 years this glacier might won’t even exist. Noone would like to miss such beauty.

4.Spectacular Northern Lights

I’m one of the nature’s most beautiful display. People fly with me in my light making themselves feel like a dream to feel the energy so special. I dance across the dark sky carrying colours green, pink and violet. You’ll not even blink once because time will take me away.

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Northern Norway is the amazing and comfortable place to see the lights.The best way to see northern lights also known as Aurora borealis is to go for paragliding. The best time to witness northern lights is from September to March.

5. Dangerous Atlantic Ocean Road

I’m famous as one of the world’s most dangerous road surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Sometimes nature gets angry with me and hits me with its fierce storms.

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Atlantic Ocean Road or Atlantic road is 8.274-kilometer long road which connects the island and municipality of Aveory with the mainland at Eide. The original motive of constructing it was for a railway line but due to some reason plan wasn’t pursued further. The road is preserved as a cultural heritage site and is classified as a National Tourist Route.Yes! this place is one of the most visited places in Norway. A visit during cool summers will not harm you for sure.