Bangalore – known as the Silicon valley of India is located right in the heart of Mysore plateau. It usually enjoys a moderate/pleasant kind of climate throughout the year. Although an extremely commercial place, Bangalore is surrounded by some quaint little destinations perfect for weekend getaways. When it comes to a weekend excursion, Nandi Hills is undoubtedly the hottest destination.

Traveling to Nandi Hills

The first time I visited Nandi hills was during daytime. It was beautiful nonetheless but from what I had heard it was even better at sunrise/sunset. So this year when I got a chance to visit Bangalore, I made sure to be at Nandi Hills right before the sunrise.

The first time I went there was on a bike. This time round though I decided to rent a car with a friend. We rented the car at 11 PM, which was too early. We were supposed to reach Nandi Hills around 6 and had a lot of time to that. Sleeping was not on the cards. So in order to vile away time we took a detour to Anthargange. Anthargange is another famous spot famous for its boulders and caves especially during the nights when the moonlight reflects beautifully over the huge rocks. Since we weren’t prepare to trek all the way, we just took a short stroll in the dark which I must tell you was scary enough.

Surrendering to the eerie vibes of the place we returned to our car. Anthargange is at a distance of 85 kilometres from Nandi Hills and can take up to two hours to reach. We reached Nandi Hills at 4 AM in the morning. You cannot reach Nandi Hills before 6 AM as the road is barricaded and entry is prohibited. So we waited for it to open. Just to give you a visual glimpse, we waited there for 2 hours and the sky was completely starlit. Post that when it neared dawn, the stars vanished and everything appeared hazy, covered in mist.Nandi Hills, a day trip from Bangalore

When to visit Nandi Hills

Owing to the moderate climate of Bangalore, one can plan to visit Nandi Hills at any part of the year. During few months of summer the noon temperatures might rise to mid or late 30’s but barring that temperature is no issue. Anyways as recommended one should visit it during sunrise when the temperature is perfect.

The seamless horizon from the top of Nandi Hills is an exquisite sight. Since I have traveled extensively across the Himalayas,I won’t say it is an extraordinarily beautiful hill station.Nandi Hills

the vagaries of the weather, the beautiful intervention of the mist at sunrise and the horizon makes it special. A must visit for those living in Bangalore or around.Nandi hills