El Totumo Mud Volcano

Whenever we hear the word Volcano, then suddenly synonyms like lava, fire, rage, death etc pop up in our heads. Although that is surely not the case always. Yes, the smallest volcano of Columbia, El Totumo Mud Volcano is the perfect example of a friendly volcano. The Mud Volcano is present on the northern side of Columbia near Cartagena.

This 15-meter deep mud volcano was once used to spew fire, lava, and ashes. Although, according to local mythology, one priest sprinkled holy water on it. To make it mushy mud volcano with supernatural healing powers. Locals also believe that taking bath in this mud can heal incurable diseases. Well, this depends upon every individual’s believe, but diving in this mud volcano will surely be thrilling.

Mud Volcano
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If by now your adventure strike is itching to know more about this volcano, then that’s great. As we are about to unfold some interesting things of this smutty mud volcano. As this cone-shaped mud trap is very popular and weird, so that makes it super unique. That’s why I’m going to provide you every information you required before visiting this slim hole. So, gather up your stationary and start taking notes.

How to arrive at Columbia’s Mud Volcano?

Mud Volcano
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Okay, well it is pretty easy to reach this pit of mud. From Cartagena, you have two options at your disposal. If you are looking for a cheap ride, then take a minivan, which you have to share with 16 other strangers. But, if you want to enjoy solitude and don’t want to smell other peoples sweat, then hire a cab. Hiring cab might cost you around at least COP200,000. The cab will wait up for you until you finish getting dirty and drop you back. Although, that’s your decision, which mode of transportation you prefer.

Vital Items to pack in your Travel Bag!

You guys, need to gather up few essential items before visiting the mud volcano for dive. Your travel kitty must contain everything as there isn’t any super marking near this gloomy heap. That’s why don’t forget to bring:

Mud Volcano
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# Pair of old bikini and shorts. You are actually going to sit in a pool of mud. And, trust me it is neck to impossible to wash sticky mud from clothes. That’s why always opt for old bikini or short before diving in it. Well, if you prefer naked bath, then best of luck!

# Little something to munch on. Mr. Sun is very temperament there, so keep a bottle of water with you. Keep yourself dehydrated and apply hefty sunscreen to aid your sensitive skin. You can buy a decent meal and a beer from the nearby restaurants. Which you will defiantly require after a sticky swim.

# Bring some cash. Don’t forget to bring some cash with you as the locals won’t accept the card. As you need to tip few people who helped you during the muddy dive. You need to tip a guy who takes your pictures, a woman who washes you or a guy who massage you. So, keep lots of loss cash with you, but nothing expensive.

Uncharted Facts of Mud Volcano!

Mud Volcano
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Hold your excitement little longer as I will throw some caution. Before taking dive of your life in the Mud Volcano keep few important points in your mind. Such as:

– This dive can be the last dive of your life. Yep, blokes as one careless move can cost you, your life. The mud is super tricky and it is very hard to swim in it. Moreover, there is only one wooden ladder present to enter. It is highly risky to step on it when you are covered with mud.

Sharing is sometimes kinky. You have to share mud bath with 40-48 semi-naked strangers. So, if you are shy and don’t like to share space while bathing, you will need to reconsider your trip.

Mud Volcano
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– You will have to face a decent amount of groping also. So, be open-minded on that part of your trip, folks.

Don’t forget to tip a women and a guy who helped you with your dive.

– It is very hard to wash mud. So, if you are traveling in a van, then you need to bear strangers smell.

Muddy Trip to Mud Volcano!

Mud Volcano
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The trip to the mud volcano is truly going to be one memorable trip of your life. Moreover, just in COP45,000, you can experience priceless uniqueness. Now I shall sign off but don’t forget to add mushy mud volcano dive on your bucket list.