Majuli The Center of Divine Serenity

Our India has been dramatically blessed by the mother nature. As numerous geographical diversities can be located on the pristine land of our nation. From the green mushy plains of the north to the dusky plateau of Deccan. We got all the variety of geography under our nose. But, this is our bad luck that we are ignorant about all these beautiful charms of nature.

Well, but today we are going to rectify our mistake by discussing the Majuli Island. But, if like, me half of the people might don’t know about this little Paradise. The Majuli is an island located in the eastern gemstone lane of India. The world’s largest river island is suited in between the pure shrines of river Brahmaputra. Just a few kilometers away from the cultural hub of Assam, Jorhat.

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Majuli has gained the title of “World’s Largest Fresh Island Separated by Two Water Bodies” from the Guinness Book. As the word itself means in the local language, “a land between two parallel water bodies”. Majuli is the distinct place where you can hide in search of silence away from all the drama of city life. Apart from the serene ambiance and petrified beauty, Majuli has lots of geographical facts stored. Facts that will make us proud knowing that this beautiful land is part of our habitat.

The Mystical Facts of Majuli Island

#1. Vast island keeps on changing its shape.

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Majuli is located between the vast water body of Brahmaputra river and its tributaries. So, due to the heavy water flow around the land geographical process of denudation and deposition takes place here. Which results in the shaping and reshaping of the mass of land due to the shift of sediments. As erosion takes place because of heavy floods. So, in short, the shape of the island constantly changing. That’s super cool to experience guys.

#2. Earthquake gives birth to the world’s largest river island.

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Majuli is a vast piece of land with the Brahmaputra flowing in the north and the Burhidihing flowing in the south. In 1750, 15 days long massive earthquake surges in the Brahmaputra river and splits it into the two parts. And, due to the after-effects of this earthquake, a large island emerges with this epic split of history.

#3. Flood barrens the beautiful land. 

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Majuli may be the prettiest and the peaceful place of the earth. But, due to the constant threats of floods. As out of 248 villages,166 villages are always subjected to the threat of flood. According to media reports, 2001’s flood destroyed the lives of 3000 families and currently, only 2000 families residing in the area. As a massive part of the land remains the home of wild animals. That’s why you won’t find any educational institution and a major school in the Majuli. That’s very shameful.

#4. Guinness Book Tittle opens the eyes of the government.

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In September, 2016 by beating the Marajo in Brazil, Majuli gained the title of world’s largest river island. With this announcement, Indian government planned to make the place tourist hub. For that, the union government has a proposal to build a 121-km long national highway. That will connect the Majuli with two major towns — Jorhat and Lakhimpur. Also, 1200 crores have been invested for the establishment of educational centers for the local folks. We should thank Guinness book for this discovery.

Journey of solitude

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If you want a solitude journey to find yourself and meditate on the nature. Then, the home of Mising tribes, Deori and Sonowal Kachri tribes are waiting for you. To search some peace, book your ticket to Assam and from the Jorhat, a mesmerizing ferry ride will take you to the Majuli island. So, if you are in the lookout for some unique geographical locations in India, then you know where to start your journey.