Thailand is globally referred to as the party capital of the world. There are myriads of places, laws and cultures that make it happen. One tiny yet grand element that makes Thailand the party capital is Khao San Road in Bangkok.

Khao San Road
At the entry point of the street

Leonardo Dicaprio’s famous movie “The Beach” popularized Khao San Road manifold. A dialogue in the movie referred to Khao San Road as the “centre of the backpacking universe.” Once you witness this marvel of insanity yourself, you’ll know why they said so.

Khao San Road

The road was constructed back in 1892 and has come a very long way ever since. Witnessing footfall from all parts of the globe. The road stretches along a length of 1 Kilometre and consists of a plethora of options of guesthouses, mid range hotels, bars, clubs, shops and street food.


Khao San Road
                       I dare you to munch on any of these grotesque beings – no racism intended

The cuisine that dominates the food on the street is definitely Thai. Although you can find options for western and central Asian cuisines. At Khao San Road though, you ought to try Thai street food and exotic items like scorpions. The stalls selling insects, worms, frogs and quite a few beings I saw for the first time are a major centre of attraction. So much so that they will charge you even for clicking pictures. A single piece of scorpion can cost you 100 baht but experiences? Yes they are priceless.


Finding bars is not a problem at Khao San Road. But choosing one might be! Beautiful Thai girls and even young Thai guys can be seen advertising their places, holding placards suggesting special offers and so on. You’ll also see people inviting you to try out laughing gas! On suggestions for best bars, I’d honestly not point out to any one specific bar for simple reasons:

  • More or less all the bars sell the same stuff
  • At a certain point everyone can be seen dancing on the street
  • The motto at Khao San Road is to party, no matter where you booze you end up rocking anyways.


At Khao San Road you’ll find a lot of small local vendors selling items ranging from traditional Thai goods to western items. Its so diverse and so unbelievable to see the variety of shops and people doing so many things. A person sitting right on the street can give you a hairdo, revamp your appearance with those beads into a reggae look and a local lady would design tatoos with henna. Call it a shameless tourist trap, these wity local businessmen are out to lure in the drunken daredevils. It’s wrong? morally wrong? but oh so tempting in that moment of delirium!

So all in all Khao San Road is an evil you can’t do without. You might hate it in the end but you just can’t do without being there if you’re in Thailand. Fake Havaianas, fake ray bans, buddha trousers, those local hippie sleeveless shirts! You have to try it out. You’re in Bangkok, Thailand.