Over the last few years Instagram has witnessed an explosive growth in its user base. In fact, users now number in the hundreds of millions. With so many users, it is only inevitable that subcultures begin to form around particular hashtags. You have the fashion photographer’s #ootd, or outfit of the day, or the more self-explanatory #food. One such hashtag, which now has its own community of leading creators and avid followers, is #InstaTravel.

This hashtag has rapidly turned into one of the most trending ones on Instagram and social media. People have increasingly started to share memorable trips, quirky getaways, and exhilarating moments away from home through camera snapshots. And as with any other online community, #InstaTravel too has its popular uploaders and regular celebrities. They have racked up the likes because of their ability to transport people away from humdrum living through their photography.

So whether you want a small virtual getaway because you can’t drop everything and go on vacation or maybe just a few pointers for where to go or what to do, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-follow travel Instagrammers.

Top 10 Instagram Handles


  1. @india.trail

This Indian travel page beautifully curates photos of waterfall precipices, expansive mountain vistas, and glimpses of everyday life, all of which are focused on the North East. Managed by @rohankabraham and @_choyi_, their self-professed mission is to highlight the natural beauty of the North East of India. This page covers everything from natural vistas to urban centers and bustling towns. This makes it appealing to the aesthetics and interests of a variety of travelers.

2. @EverChangingHorizon

Aptly named, this popular Instagram account has racked up over 400 thousand followers. The recipe for this success is the blend of locations they document, which range from the more typical tropical beaches to harsh desert canyons. However, rather than just leaving it at scenic pictures, everchanginghorizon manages to personalize its content. Quinn, the owner of the page, regularly posts pictures of himself in these locations with personal stories as captions. With videos showing him doing things like backflipping off a cliff, viewers find a traveler who they can identify with and whose thrills they can experience vicariously.

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3. @natgeotravellerindia

Another Indian Instagram staple comes from the magazine Nat Geo Traveller India’s official account. Their professional eye is apparent as one scrolls through their page. It is an eclectic mix of international and national destinations, juxtaposing intimate photographs and professional settings. Because this is a magazine’s page, it documents everything from eateries and wildlife to cultural events and tourist attractions. This account provides a tightly curated and comprehensive outlook on travelling.

4. @myyellowplate

On the quirkier end of things is @myyellowplate, whose characteristic visual is a yellow plate, piled high with local delicacies, against a gorgeous backdrop. This photographic gimmick succeeds in marrying diverse cuisines and their locations. You will find everything from Malpua in Rajasthan to Assamese Thalis. This makes it attractive to both foodies and travelers. Furthermore, in the comments section of the images you can find numerous food and restaurant recommendations from locals. Cruising through this Instagram account’s comments should be a must before planning any vacation!

5. @himalayan_girl

As the name makes abundantly clear, this account is for those who love the mountains. This page focuses primarily on the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. It brings together typical tourist destinations, mountain sports like paragliding, and out-of-the-way locations such as rock-cut temples. Viewers will see Neha Ralli, the owner of the page, on solitary walks, laughing with friends, and sharing food with stray dogs. This is, therefore, a touching and inviting portrait of what travelling in the Himalayas has to offer.

6. @expertvagabond

This account is ideal for those who travel to experience and soak up new cultures. Matt, who runs the page, goes beyond just scenic locations and wildlife photography to showcase cultural diversity. From architecture to traditional arts and native occupations such as herding, this Instagram page shows multiple facets of local living. Rather than showing you the world through the eyes of a tourist, you see experiences through local eyes. This allows you to enjoy a more intimate connection with a location. For more avid followers, the page description constantly updates Matt’s location so you can follow him on his journeys!

7. @shivya

Shivya is a professional travel blogger and runs one of the most popular Indian travel pages on Instagram. Her photographs offer wide vistas of landscapes and architecture. Nestled between these sweeping sights are more intimate photographs. These document local food, served on ornate traditional plates. There are also portraits and photos of people, supplemented by stories of her meetings with them. Because she is a seasoned traveler, this page covers a wide expanse of destinations as it follows Shivya on a global trail. Through the cobbled streets of Georgia to villages in Orissa, there is something for travelers of all sorts.

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So I enrolled myself for another round of Spanish classes in San Marcos La Laguna – and in the first class, my instructor asked me to narrate the story of Cinderella in Spanish 😂 She's called Cenicienta in Spanish for starters! . . That's the best part about slow travel. You slowly immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life 🐾 . . I love taking the public boat to the many small villages surrounding Lake Atitlan, built up in the mountains, a steep walk up from the lake below –> like here, Santa Cruz la Laguna. The Mayan houses are basic, but the views are incredible. The older women work hard, yet seem so joyful to exchange a greeting or word with you. The men go about their business in their graceful sombreros. Everyone has time to share how their day's been, what they're cooking at home today, or how the next week's celebrations are going to be 🎊 . . On 1st November, the villages here will celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), honoring and celebrating their dead. The kids have already started flying huge kites, the women are out collecting wild flowers, and today morning when I opened the windows, I could hear locals singing traditional music by the lake 🎶 . . And you, ever experimented with slow travel? . . #theshootingstar #guatemala

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8. @lecercle

For those interested in daily living in the city, Akshay Mahajan’s @lecercle is for you. Pride parades, crumbling by-lanes, local parks, and tucked-away shopping districts are the stuff of his photos. These photos are relaxed, familiar, and informal instead of being forced or set up. As a result, they allow an access into the everyday feeling of the city, making you feel at home abroad. This page lets you vicariously live like a resident, as it moves away from crowded tourist destinations.


9. @beautifuldestinations

With 9.5 million followers and counting, this Instagram page is sure to satisfy all wanderlust cravings. Their photographs are known for their intense and sometimes even lurid colours. Skies which are aflame, rivers of pure emerald green, and stone buildings of imposing grey make this page look like an artist’s palette. This page has a spectacular artistic vision and captures the magic of traveling. Everything from the already popular Eiffel Tower to mountain slopes and lakeside sunsets find their way into the page. It is a must-follow for those on the traveler’s search for beautiful sights around the globe.

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Spend a night in the City of Love 💕 (📷: @luxxlip)

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10. @walltraveled

The punning in the name sets up this page’s unique and quirky aesthetic. Run by a number of editors, this page provides curated pictures of wall art from around the globe. Through their lens you get to see carefully planned wall designs, genuine artistic creations, secretive graffiti, and even sculpture facades. For travelers looking for cool photo backgrounds, these walls also provide the ideal backdrop for fun selfies. Pastels and pinks predominate in the wall art but there is definitely something for everyone on this offbeat Instagram page.