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A true travel geek is always seeking for some perfect and amazing travel destinations. But, this search isn’t an easy walk in the park, as you have to crack your brain to find that “The Perfect Travel Destination”. As every year one new travel destination pops up in the market, who’s humble credit goes to the amazing marketing skills. Every holiday season your social media account will be swamped with the travel pictures of your friends. And everyone has their own saga to tell and that leaves you in the utter confusion.

But, blocks not anymore as being your travel fairy godmother I’ll share some travel destinations, which are actually nice. Yep, we are going to explore travel destinations which have optimum potentially as per their generated hype. Because trust me fellas as half of the popular travel destinations are nowhere near their created hype. So, gear up travelers and add up these travel destinations into your bucket list!

#Pompeï in Italy

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Nowadays, the craze of Italy is reducing and some people think it as old school. But, seriously, can Italy ever really lose its charm? That’s not possible in million years. Period. Especially, when a place like Pompeï exists in Italy. A perfect place that will export you to the old European era with ancient looking streets and buildings. So, visit Pompeï in Italy to renege some old time. You will be amazed by the petrified beauty of the place and you will never desire to leave this place!

#Redwood National Park in California

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Let’s break some trends and this time merge yourself with the mother nature by visiting Redwood National Park in California. Take a long serene walk in the woods and experience different plantation this holiday season. Redwoods offers some rarest of the flora and fauna, that will make your trip worth visiting. This travel destination is a bit out of the box, but travel is all about breaking the old rituals. That’s why gather up your campaign gears and try Redwood National Park now.

#La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

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The number one thing that always has a place on any travelers list would be sighting architect and old building of the city. Well, in that case, nothing can beat the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. The architect and aura of this church are supreme and opens the creative doors of any persons mind. Now, appreciating some nice architect and visiting church can’t goes wrong. So, try out La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona this time and immerse yourself in its perfection.

#Taj Mahal in India

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Okay, how come something which is created out of the pristine love and affection, can be not a perfect travel destination. The place may be located in the most crowded part of Agra, but still, the silence of Taj is contagious. The supreme white colored tomb is the symbol of pure love and the marvelously designed architect is utterly charming. Visiting Taj Mahal is never going to be old, so if you haven’t seen Taj Mahal yet, then rectify it immediately. Well, if you are lucky enough to visit Taj Mahal already, then visiting it again won’t harm.

#Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

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Create your personal fairy tale by visiting Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. The castle that will export you to the fairyland and its infectious beauty will leave you speechless. The castle was used as the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, so you can be sure it’s a knockout. Now that would be a crime not to visit this Castle and it’s never late to play a little princess who is waiting for her Prince charming. So, go little magical and relive your childhood again!

Ballyhoo Travel Destinations!

Now, this list contains something that you can’t miss in this life. So, if you are a true travel eccentric and traveling is your first love, then you need to pack your bags now. And visit these knocking hot travel destinations immediately!