Bangkok is one of the most developed cities in Thailand. As a result it has almost all luxuries and facilities known to mankind. High end gymnasiums being one of them. You can easily find world class gyms all across Bangkok. Although this ghetto gym in Bangkok is something you would rarely find anywhere across the entire globe. 

Ghetto Gym – Lumpini Park

Situated in the famous Lumpini Park the ghetto gym is almost 40 years old now. If you happen to visit Lumpini Park you’ll be surprised to see the number of fitness enthusiasts you witness. I had heard about the ghetto gym from one of my friends and went there for almost as many days I was in Bangkok. Being a tourist and owing to my travel schedules I used to land at the gym at odd hours, like noon?!

This is from the month of August and it can get really humid. I arrived at the park cursing myself, assuming that I’d be the only fool in that piercing heat. Although I was completely shocked as soon as I set foot inside Lumpini Park. There were so many fitness enthusiasts in the park. Some runners, some cyclists, some calisthenic enthusiasts and weight lifters. Yes, the weight lifting guys were there at the ghetto gym.

This Ghetto Gym in Bangkok is completely Rad

The gym oozes with rawness. If you have a thirst for pumping iron, this is the place to be. Some dumbbells and barbells are even rusted but that is surely no hindrance for the beasts present there. The gym has technically no charge. You can workout for as long as you want and no one would come and ask you for money. Although the gym is maintained by a group of fitness enthusiasts and one is expected to pay 20 Baht out of courtesy. Which is also not a bad deal at all. 20 Baht for a session of this ghetto gym. Whereas other gyms in Thailand charge you 2000-3000 Baht on average.

This Ghetto Gym in Bangkok is completely Rad

You can vary your fitness regime

Usually this gym is never packed to its capacity. It can see crowded days but more or less it has ample space and equipment for everyone to use smoothly. The best part of working out at the gym is the availability of various other options. The park has many aerobics, zumba, yoga and fighting classes going on. You can choose your desired activity and blend your lifting with intensive cardio.

The park is a peaceful belt of green amidst the otherwise loud and hustling Bangkok. You can see quite a few animals in the park including TURTLES!

Lumpini Park is a place that you should definitely visit when you’re in Bangkok. Easiest way to get there is using MRT, nearest station Silom or you can also use the BTS depending on your source destination. Nearest BTS stop is Sala Daeng Station.