The Future of Travel – Possible?

Future of Travel?

When Elon Musk publicized his whims of establishing a civilization on Mars, it generated mixed reactions. The tiny percentage of the population that is made up of nerds & science enthusiasts were fascinated. Though there was criticism & speculation but even that iota of belief, of the idea actually conceptualizing was good enough to melt their brains. On the other hand, for less brighter people like me it was just another concept, highly unlikely to materialize in our lives. That is the beauty of technology. It seems so grand and far fetched at first but when it actually comes into our lives, we get so immersed in it that we stop admiring it’s grandeur.

It is the same when it comes to our ways of travel. Just a century ago, people who were dreaming of aerial travel were termed lunatics. Today? If not for those lunatics, we would have been just a tad bit better than the stone age men!

So here is a list of such things that will be the future of travel. However reluctant we may be about them ever coming to fruition. The back of our minds are always teeming with it’s inevitability.


Augmented Reality

Future of Travel - This will BLOW YOUR BRAINS

As we all know, the concept of it is to stream information in real time into a user’s eyeball. Quite literally, just that goggles are used as an intermediate. This has to be the best thing that will ever happen to the travel industry. You’re looking for hotels in some other country, how about seeing it by virtually being in the room. The whole vacation planning and booking experience will be so much more enriching and interactive. Honestly this is actually a very near future of travel.


Flying Cars

Future of Travel - This will BLOW YOUR BRAINS

Yes you could actually be airborne on a long drive with your girl. A company called Terrafugia actually managed to build a prototype of this flying/driving vehicle in 2009. It is as simple as it sounds. You drive your car to an airport, convert your car to a flying beast and you’re good to land at the nearest airport. I’m sure this car will be the most romantic thing when converted to aviation mode. You can reserve your own car, Transit as the guys at Terrafugia have named it.


Self-charging holographic mobile phones

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Self charging? How? Simple it is powered by the users’ kinetic motion. Yes, simple saying it this way but only God knows how they actually make it work. Holographic? Yes because Skypes and Snapchats are way too mainstream. So the next time you’re out on  a vacation and an important meeting turns up, all you got to do is make a call and you’ll be standing right there among your colleagues. A lifelike representation but closer to physical nonetheless. We love moments from Sci-fi movies. Just like that Star Wars scene with Obi-Wan coming out of R2-D2. We love it too much for it to not happen in reality.


The Hyperloop

Future of Travel - This will BLOW YOUR BRAINS

Elon Musk yet again! How I wish we had more Elon Musk’s on Earth, we would have discovered teleportation by now. Other than his normal, sane ventures of putting people in Space and running super cars on electricity, Musk wishes to create the Hyperloop. The proposed system involves an enclosed network of tubes that carry pressurized capsules aloft on a pillow of air, propelled forward by linear induction motors. If built, Musk assumes it will be three times faster than sound. A test track for the same is currently under construction. Knowing Musk, it is well in the realms of reality.Oh dear future of travel, please happen soon!

Space Elevator

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A Japanese company; Obayashi, realized that the problem in moving out from our lovely planet lies in the grand fuel costs. So the alternate design they deemed to be more convenient was that of an elevator. Cool right? Enter an elevator and press the ‘Space’ button. Though the company claims it is doable they also accept the fact they don’t have the adequate technology at present. This 60,000 miles long cable from the surface to Earth’s orbit might be a real thing by the year 2050.