The Weekend Gateway:

They say “When in doubt, pedal it out.” That is what I literally did this time round. Yes I say ‘this time round’ because I always suffer from ambiguity when it comes to planning out my weekend getaways. I was chilling at a Bar in Bangalore with few of my friends, when we were chaotically planning our excursion for the coming weekend.

After an unsuccessful stint of planning and a couple of rounds of drinks, one of my friends declared. “Let’s go mountain biking.” Though he was not sure about what he said then, he later boasted off his inebriated decision making. Yes, because the experience of riding the MTB’s in Turanhalli was an amazing one altogether.

Amateurs doing it for fun:

We set out for Turanhalli forest early in the morning at around 6 on our rented high end MTB’s. Oh and just so that you all know, none of us has any prior experience of professional cycling. All we have behind us is the experience of cycling immaturely and aimlessly during the precious days of our childhood. Although we lacked experience, all four of us were physically fit enough to cover the entire stretch of 50 odd kilometres.Cycling in Bangalore - Turanhalli


The Cycles:

We rented the cycles from the well-known Pro Cycles store at Indiranagar. At Rs. 650 apiece we got quite a fair deal. The cycles were of the brands Scott and Giant and definitely lived up to the expectations.


The distance from Koramangala (our starting point) to Turanhalli was 25 Kms and we reached our destination in under 90 minutes. The weather was pleasant and we enjoyed the ride apart from the usual tiredness. This part of the journey was literally child’s play when we compare to what the forest had in store for us.Cycling in Bangalore - Turanhalli

The trail to the forest began with a mild slope. We were visiting the forest for the very first time and literally had no idea as to which path we were headed at and where it was going to lead us. With contrived oblivion we kept on riding like wanderers until the slope began to get steeper and our thighs began to burn. We decided to take a pit stop at the top of the cliff and carried our MTB’s all the way to the top. The cliff served to be the perfect vantage point for a major part of the forest. We could literally see one end of the forest and the dense foliage that constituted that part of the forest.


While we were gathering our breath and deciding on the path back, we saw at a distance of few metres from us, a group of professional mountain bikers climb the steep slope we were struggling on with the greatest ease. Fascinatingly enough they were heading towards the dense forest that was in front of us. And in a matter of few minutes they got lost among the dense outgrowths.


What next? We were amateurs but nonetheless we didn’t think so and followed suit. Hoping that we will reach to the other end as well. Things didn’t turn out as pretty though, we got lost and were unable to find the cycling trail. We unsuccessfully searched for a sufficiently long time. Eventually we decided to lift and drag our bicycles  downhill until we saw a possible trail to ride on.Cycling in Bangalore - Turanhalli

Luckily, we had a sense of the direction to be followed. And we did reach a trail just on the basis of our instincts.Cycling in Bangalore - Turanhalli


It was definitely an amazing experience and could have been easier  if we had done more research on the trails. The forest is not too big as one would imagine but beautiful and full of adventure nonetheless.