Intimating History of Chittorgarh

When the aroma of romance and the stains of blood intervene together, then the essence of enriched Rajasthani culture can be felt. Rajasthan is the reflection of bravery, pride and true love of Indian heritage. Every corner of the state screams the story of epic rulers and their astonishing courage. From the assembly of all the enthralling courageous stories, today we will experience the saga of Chittorgarh.

Chittorgarh’s walls behold the love, courage, pride, and sacrifice in its fortress. The city which has seen the flagship of various kingdoms and has the honor of being Mewar’s capital. Every part of the city is surrounded by the different monuments and remnants of the city’s royal residence.

The Wanderer

So, if you are planning to explore the sunrise on the deserted sand dunes of Rajasthan this year. Then, don’t forget to include few days Chittorgarh trip in your plan. Because to visit 65 monuments, including four palaces, four memorials and eighteen temples you need some time.

Legends of Chittorgarh


Rani Padmini or Padmavati

Talk of Chittorgarh seems incomplete without the tale of the occult beauty of Rani Padmavati. The beauty of this Rani is mentioned in numerous folk ballads. Her mesmerizing persona hypnotized her husband Raja Ratan Singh and encouraged that time Delhi ruler Alauddin Khilji to attack Mewar. That just to get the mere glimpse of her beauty.


But, Rani Padmavati wasn’t the only mirage of divine beauty, she was the true example of Rajputana courage. As per old Rajasthani folklore, she performed Jauhar with other Rajasthani women to protect her honor. But, this legendary character of the medieval era doesn’t have any primal evidence of existence. Some scholars refer to Rani Padmavati as a mere character of a writers’ imagination. Whereas, for the locals, she is their mother who portrayed the true image of Rajput bravery. The famous poet who first time sketched this character was Malik Muhammad Jayasi in Amar Chitra Katha.

Meera Bai


Meera Bai the true devotee of Lord Krishna also belongs to Chittorgarh. Her life revolves around this historical city where she dedicated her whole life in the worship of Krishna. She was married to Bhojraj Singh, son of Rana Sangha, but her true love was Krishna. The collage of Meera bai’s devotion towards Lord Krishna is intact in the memorial temple till date.

Places To Visit In Chittorgarh

So, to truly experience the life of these two and the other legends of Chittorgarh, you need a full plan. Because there are so many monuments and historic places, present to explore. History intrigues us all and being at the specific places and listening to the historic tales just adds on to the mystery and you can feel the itch of curiosity.


Well, there you will see the series of palaces inside Chittorgarh fort. But, the abundant palace of Rana Kumbha has lots of broken stories to tell. The Fateh Prakash Palace is adjacent to this monument, so try to look at it also. But, the real attraction of travelers is normally focused on Rani Padmavati’s water surrounded palace.

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Inside the Chittorgarh fort, plenty of temples were constructed. Every corner of the fort has one temple. So, if you are running short of time, then visit the temple of Meerabai, a sole temple dedicated to a human. But, if you have little extra time to spare, then try to visit Kshemankari Temple, the Kumbha Shyam Temple, Adbuthanath temple also.

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Now, two proudly standing towers on Chittorgarh’s land are hard to miss. First is the Kirti Stamb built by a Jain merchant in the 12th century that rises to a height of 22 meters. Second, tower defines the victory of Rana Kumba dedicated to Vishnu known as Vijay Stamb.

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Pride of Rajasthan – Chittorgarh


Well, to capture the true pride of Rajasthani culture and vibrant shades of the history, a trip to Chittorgarh is a must. As the faint screams of the Jauhar and melody of mystic love are still ensconcing the Chittorgarh fort. So, to visualize the royal period in the dusty walls of Chittorgarh, start packing your bags now and don’t forget to pack your camera.