Chadar Trek- A Frozen River Pathway

From the adventurous collection of different trekking routes, one of the oldest and sophisticated trek route is Chadar Trek. This 105 km trek is summoned on the frozen Zanskar river which converts into the fine snow sheet in winters. As winters for the natives of Zanskar Valley are bit cruel. The thick walls of snow block the connection of villagers with the mainland due to heavy snowfall.

Chadar trek
Source; yellow peaks

So, that’s why locals use Chadar trek aka frozen Zanskar river route to connect themselves with the rest of the civilization. But, as the word spreads about the misty beauty of Chadar trek surrounded by the thick walls of snow. Numerous trekkers and travelers searched their sanity on this steeply rounded route. And, with this expedition of Chadar gained hefty popularity in last few years.

But, this over exploration of Chadar trek by the strangers has somehow fainted its natural charm. As the thick layer of snow has now reduced to the fine layer of ice only. Sadly, now few experts have evaluated the by 2020 the trek will die. There are numerous reasons behind the slow death of trek has been evaluated. But, out of all the reasons, global warming and human ignorance are two prominent reasons.

Reasons behind the slow death of Chadar Trek

Today, it is becoming our natural habit of blaming all environmental changes to the global warming. We simply break all the blame on global warming and very easily forgets that we are also the cause of it. We as a human has a tendency to invade the nature and disturb its balance for our pleasure. And, this our ignorant nature is becoming the cause of Chadar trek’s slow death.

As figures and past few years incidents are indicating this very clearly in front of us.

Chadar trek
Source: yellow peaks
  • In 2015, trekkers were called back while they were only halfway through because a landslide near one of Zanskar’s tributaries threatened to cause flash floods.
  • In 2016, the only handful of trekkers were given the permission to enjoy the pristine land of the frozen river.

Human’s Are Killing the Chadar Trek

In this blog, we are not focusing on the part that how in upcoming years Chadar will become part of our memory. No, this post is to create the awareness among the trekkers and traveler fraternity. As to how few careless actions are demolishing the beauty of Chadar trek. As it is true that global warming has drastically changed the ecology of Ladakh. Apart from nature human’s are playing a great role here for this change.

Chadar trek
Source: yellow peaks

According to the local Ladakhi agencies, the trekking equipments and plastic bags left behind by the trekkers is impacting the river’s health most. The uncaring natural of trekkers groups are ruining this perfect trek. And, the cherry on the top, road construction around the Zanskar river doing the leftover task. The road construction is necessary for locals, but leaving your waste at the banks of the river isn’t.

Save The Chadar Trek

Chadar trek
Source: yellow peaks

So, as you might have figured out by now that The Chadar trek can be saved. Yep, and it’s in our own hands to secure the charm of Chadar by being more careful. The human wastes and residues are causing the major problem in the area. That’s why, if you are a true Trekker, then you know the value of nature. So, if you want to save Chadar trek for your children, then start caring for nature. As, not only, this trek but other numerous natural beauties are dying because of us.