A renegade engineer, owing to my everlasting itch for travel. “Wandering Cerebrations” – Cerebrate is the process of thinking an wandering is something you all know. All of us have wanderers like instincts within us. Some of us tend to inhibit them to the extent of extinction. Although the meaning of the amalgamation of the two words can be ambiguous, I personally perceive it in the following way. I’ll digress before coming to my interpretation of the name – “Wandering Cerebrations.” I strongly believe that we all have certain motives in life. We all question our existence , we all want to know the greater truth behind our being or where we’re headed. What will be of us? We all seek answers in our own sweet ways. The thing of prime importance though is the curiosity, the inquistiveness that drives us. You might be a scientist or a sportsperson or an entrepreneur, if you’re minds aren’t perverted by the lust called curiosity, you aren’t really passionate not just at work but in life! Me, I personally seek the answers to the preceding questions while traveling. Travel enables you to imbibe myriads of things. So many people intersect your lives, each imparting to you their own quirks and quiddities. You explore new places, you read about them, their backdrop, their culture, you absorb its vibes and emerge anew. By new I don’t imply that you’re a completely new person but there are subtle changes within you, the inherent nature remains same but each time you travel new layers keep on adding, leaving indelible impressions within. Going to pristine natural places triggers an atavistic lure, you want to know the secrets of the woods, the mountains, you want to decode the whispers of the wind, the babbling of the brooks. When you face the extremities of nature, you develop veneration for the Earth, for the people who have seen it through without the facilities of the modern world, the explorers, the conquerors. You want to know more and more. These are for me Wandering Cerebrations. The thoughts that are triggered in your head at various junctures amidst your wanderings. Through my blog Wandering Cerebrations, I wish to put out to the world in an idiosyncratic manner my experiences, adventures and stories. Amidst all that I would also keep posting a lot of informative stuff that would help my readers in their travels. Stuff that shall segregate you from the commercial tourists. So keep encountering more and more meaningful coincidences, more and more synchronicities in your lives. Eventually they’ll accelerate to a point where you would actually experience the miraculous. Let go and let your wandering cerebrations take hold of you!