These days many people spend a lot of time deciding the perfect hotel for a trip. In particular, they consider the luxury services offered at the hotels. Yet, there are many areas where you can get natural luxury services. And you can do this while enjoying your hotel’s creature comforts. This is because many areas now blend hospitality services with natural luxury services.

So here is a list of 5 natural luxury services from around the world. These natural luxury services are guaranteed to pamper you.

1) Waterfall Massages

Waterfall massages are relaxing luxury services offered by nature.

Waterfall massages are a premium service offered at many spas. But these can easily be natural luxury services if you go to the right location.  All you have to do is stand or lie under a waterfall. Let the water gush over you for a relaxing massage by mother nature.

There is no definite location to enjoy these. However, it is possible to enjoy these if you are near a major waterfall. Waterfalls often have smaller streams which brand off. These often create small waterfalls of their own. Streams and small rivers in forests also sometimes create these.

So if you visit a waterfall be sure to explore a little and experience this. Alternatively, camping in forests can also be a good way to enjoy these natural luxury services.

2) Yufuin Onsen, Japan

The natural luxury services of the beautiful Yufuin Onsen.

Onsen is the Japanese word for hot springs. These are naturally abundant all over the country. In particular, the Yufuin Onsen are famous tourist destinations. Yufuin is a town in the Oita district of Japan. It owes it popularity to a number of factors.

Firstly, the quality of the hot springs is extremely high and are famous across the country. Furthermore, they are said to have healing properties. There are a number of public bath houses which provide access to the hot springs. There are also traditional resorts available for staying in. These are designed to offer beautiful views of the nearby Mount Yufu.

Yufuin is also easily accessible. In fact, it is only a 1-hour train journey from Oita Airport. Furthermore, there are many cultural events and historical landmarks in the area for tourists. The main street is also has many cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Since it is very tourist-friendly, you should have no problems getting around.


3) Mud Baths in Volcán El Totumo, Columbia

The natural luxury services of the Volcán El Totumo mud baths.

Mud baths are now extremely popular spa services. Yet, before this they have been equally popular natural luxury services. One such famous mud bath is the Volcán El Totumo in Columbia. This mud bath is actually a bubbling pool of mud. Oh, and it’s inside a volcanic crater. This is nothing to worry about because the volcano is dormant.

The only thing inside it now is the lukewarm mud of the mud bath. This mud bath is very famous and many tourists come from around the world. It has a number of minerals which are beneficial to the skin. Its warmth also reduces fatigue. Only fifteenth people can enter it at a time. This makes it a very exclusive experience. Once inside, there are also masseurs who provide relaxing massages for a fee.

Getting to the Volcán El Totumo, however, isn’t easy. You require a guide to take you up the volcano. However, since it is a popular tourist destination there are many agencies which offer trips to the mud baths.  It is thus an unforgettable and exclusive experience.


4) Salt Bath in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea provides multiple natural luxury services.

The dead sea is widely known by most people for being the saltiest water body on earth. However, it is has a number of important health benefits. Soaking in the Dead Sea is like taking the natural luxury services of a salt bath. In fact, a number of hotels on its shore offer spa treatments using its water and mud.

The salts present in the dead sea contain a number of minerals essential for the skin. It can also cure a number of skin conditions. It reduces skin inflammation, acne, and other such problems. Furthermore, soaking in the dead sea is a fun experience since you will float rather than soak in it. This is due to its high density.

If you do not want a salt soak, you can always take advantage of the mud on the shore. Rubbing it on your skin provides a number of benefits to the skin. Many of the local spaces use it in their treatments. Thus, a trip to the dead sea gives you two natural luxury services: salt baths and mud wraps.


5) Devil’s Pool in Zambia

The natural luxury services of an infinity pool are available in the Devil's Pool.

Most high-end resorts now boast infinity pools. In these pools, the water flows to the edge and seems like it touches the horizon. These are extremely beautiful. However, nature has some freakier infinity pools of its own. A prime example is the Devil’s Pool in Zambia.

This pool is actually located on the edge of a waterfall. In the dry season, the Zambezi river dries up and exposes the pool. You can swim or jump into the pool. When you do so the force of the river will push you to the edge of pool. This will provide a beautiful view of the 300-foot drop to the bottom of the waterfall.

This will be an infinity pool experience unlike any other. It is definitely unnerving. However, it’s also a one-of-a-kind experience.