Red Bull is universally known as an energy drink brand. Indeed, it has made its money in that market. However, what many do not know is that this company has an unorthodox advertising strategy. And that is sponsoring extreme sports. These involve everything from daring motorcycle stunts to acrobatics between flying planes.

Here is a list of the ten most extreme and most daring stunts sponsored by Red Bull. Get ready for a hair-raising read which will take you as far as the upper-reaches of the atmosphere.

  1. Jumping from the edge of space

In October 2012, Felix Baumgartner went 24 miles above the earth in a hot air balloon capsule. Teetering on the edge of space is heroic enough for most people. But he took it one step further: he opened his capsule door and jumped out. His free fall to earth broke the sound barrier, along with three world records, and made his one of the most daring stunts in history.

2. Changing planes mid-flight

Avid travelers are sure to have felt the tension which comes with layovers and plane changes. But they must be grateful that they don’t have to change flights like Paul Steiner. As he flew a glider 2100 meters in the air, Steiner left the cockpit and made his way to the wing. He sidled across it and, with a literal leap of faith, jumped onto the wing of another glider nearby. This air borne daredevil didn’t even use safety equipment to secure himself during the stunt.

3. Racing donuts on a helipad

Another high-rise stunt comes from 13-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard. Having won the Airtel Indian Grand Prix, it was natural to celebrate in luxury, you would think. And so he went to the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai – but not for a vacation. Instead, he took his race car for a spin on the 210-meter high helipad of the hotel. He raced round in circles, or ‘donuts’ as the move is called, in this high perch above the desert.

4. Back-flipping bike stunts

Another stunt in the air comes from FMX driver Alexey Kolesnikov. While motorcycle back-flips are now common stunts, Kolesnikov’s stunt had an edge. His ramp was 500m and was made entirely dirt. Furthermore, he didn’t just do any old backflip in the air. Instead, he backflipped over a moving truck, which was speeding at 60mph. Any mistake could have been fatal and yet Kolesnikov succeeded in this hair-raising performance.

5) Shooting across a football field

This motorcycle stunt comes from seasoned daredevil Robbie Madison. He made history in 2007 on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas by taking bike jumping to the next level.  He went up a ramp and launched himself into the air and flew for 322 feet before landing. Other motorcyclists had only dreamed of breaking the 300-feet barrier. But Robbie broke it and threw in 22 more feet for good measure. And if this nerve-wracking stunt wasn’t enough, he turned his bike around and did it once again.