The world is full of beauty which surrounds us everywhere.The mystical oceans, waterfalls, green forests, historical architects and much more.But swimming in the crystal clear cool water during summers is always a part of every traveller’s bucket list.The feel of cool water caressing the body and knowing what’s beneath is always a dream.There are many water bodies which attract million of tourists and creates a big chaos.Which one to pick and which one to cut down? So, here we are going to make your hunt easy and will take you to the tour of world’s clearest waters.

It’s time to swim across the world with the spell of celestial oceans, lakes and rivers.

10 Spots with The Clearest Waters on Earth

1.Turkish Riviera

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Turkish Riviera is a beautiful sea which is enclosed by mountains and filled with turquoise shining water. This Blue Lagoon, known as Turquoise Coast is embraced by two provinces Antalya and Mugla. It’s the most photographed beach in Turkey. It has one of the clearest waters on the Earth in which you can see turtles swimming. If anytime in future you plan to visit then do combo the beauty of this heavenly coast with paragliding. The view from above is totally stunning.The best time to cruise Turkish Riviera is from mid-April to October.

Activities to do:-

  • Hire a private boat for Fishing and Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Rafting from Antalya
  • Jeep Safari

2. Five Colour Lake

World's Clearest waters
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Five Flower Lake of China also known as Wuhua Hai is the world’s most beautiful and colourful lake.The local people believe that it is a holy place because the crystal clear water of the lake is flourished with flowers and trees.The water of this lake is so clear and still that you can see ancient branches of trees settled on its bed. This lake is the pride of Jiuzhaigou National Park in China. Best time to visit the lake is the end of October.

Activities to do:-

  • Bird Watching (Residence of 140 species)
  • Hiking and Camping

3.Minorca, Spain

world's clearest waters
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A short boat ride while sipping some lemonade and watching sun melting with the shades of the sky is totally heavenly.Minorca or Menorca is one of the Balearic Island and spotlight of Spain. It is famous for its endless number of beaches which carries magnetic waters of the Mediterranean Sea.Cala Macarelleta is one of the best beaches on this island as it is small in size and sparsely populated. It gives an ultimate peaceful feeling.

Activities to do:-

  • Enjoy sunset while sailing through the waves
  • Drive the fly-board through air and water
  • Jetski Ride
  • Cruise and Snorkeling

4. Silfra, Iceland

World's clearest waters
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All scuba divers are crazy about this place and why wouldn’t they should be? The rift offers exceptionally clear and fresh water to dive in. It is a deep crack filled with water between the continental plates of North America and Eurasian continents. Just imagine swimming between two territorial boundaries. It’s worth to get here just to dive in the turquoise water.

Activities to do:-

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  • Sea Fishing

5. Turks and Caicos

Turk and Caicos
Source: Shore Society

Best views are the ones which we have to work for like booking tickets to the Turk and Caicos coral islands. An excellent destination which offers the best of Carribean and the Atlantic Ocean.Humpback Whales is one of the main attraction on this island. The island is surrounded by luxurious hotels and restaurants.

Activities to do:-

  • Whale watching day trip in Salt Clay
  • Parasailing Adventure
  • Grand Turk Bird Watching
  • Horseback Riding

 6. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy

Grab your flip flops and sunglasses because now we’re going to spend Italian summer vacations at Sardinia.The allure of the Mediterranean Sea is undeniable out here. Sardinia has the most seductive and mesmerising Mediterranean beaches.The water out here is so clear that it seems like a glass which lives up to your sea fantasies.This island is known for its three beaches i.e. the Pink Beach( the sand out here is pink), Punta Palma and Feraxxi Beach.

Activities to do:-

  • Wind Surfing
  • Motor Boat Excursion
  • Diving
  • Biking
  • Golf

7. The Maldives

World's clearest waters
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We can’t just simply let Maldives sneak out of this list as it’ll be totally unfair.In Maldives, you can see the fishes swimming in the majestic Indian Ocean from your hotel room. This beautiful island offers immaculate blue waters. Are you a fan of the wet stuff and exotic beaches? Then this is your place.

Activities to do:-

  • Whale and Dolphin watching
  • Water Skiing
  • Kayaking

8. Sabah, Malaysia

world's clearest waters
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If you haven’t still scheduled your vacation then there’s no harm in booking the last flight tickets to Malaysia. Sabah has the diverse marine life in the world. This place is totally unique. The pristine, clearest waters will enchant you.

Activities to do:-

  • Sea Walking
  • Forest Safari
  • Biking

9.The Blue Lake, New Zealand

world's clearest waters
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Here, we’ve a bad news. No one is allowed to swim or dive in the Blue Lake. The reason is quite solid because this lake is recorded as the freshwater lake with the world’s clearest waters. On the other hand, we humans will not take a second to spoil its beauty.

10. Exuma, Bahamas

clearest waters
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The Bahamas is made up of 360 islands in total, each one has the clearest waters.

Have you ever seen pigs swimming in the crystal clear water and having a more luxurious life than yours? If, No then it’s time to pack your swim suits. This place is totally your dream.

So, which destination would you add to your bucket list?