10 Best Winter Treks in India


Treat of Winter Treks in India

The blanket of white hued snow is all ready to cover the peaks of mountains. As the willow of the winter season is approaching in full swing. So, let’s celebrate the bone-crushing cold in new shades of joy. A way that every traveler loves the most. Yep, you are guessing it right, because winter is the time to celebrate snow adventure. And, what better way to celebrate the winter season, then unwrapping the few treats of winter treks in India.

India is a beautiful subcontinent, where all the seasons of mother nature can be experienced. To experience the best winter of your life, you need to get lost in the spellbound beauty of winter trek pathways of India. The sloppy and curvy pathways of obscure Himalayan valleys are hard to describe. The richness and stunning appearance of snow-covered sails will give you the lifelong memory to cherish.
India has numerous knockout dead winter treks present. Which are packed with the ultimate beauty and adventure. Two words that can race any true travelers heart. So, to provide you blokes some sooth, we have enlisted 10 Best winter treks in India from the glore of serene treks.

1. Dodital Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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This is the best trek for beginners that starts from Sangamchatti to Dodital. This trek has the adventure of snow and high altitude for the trekkers. Dodital lake holds the title of “India’s highest altitude lake” located 4000 ft above sea level. In this trek, you can experience summits of Agoda village and plantations of Bebra village. Night stay at Manjhi camp allows you to enjoy the silence of Assi Ganga River. After that trekker can approach their final destination of Dodital lake and Dawra Pass. The ideal duration to visit this Trek would be from Mid November to Match.

2. Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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Highly simple and filled with nature trek of Uttarakhand. This trek unveils serene natural beauty, highest Shiva Temple and isolated villages. Chopta has phenomenal gifts for bird lovers. As they can see some rare Himalayan birds here, like Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle etc. While taking blessings of Lord Shiva trekkers can gaze at the peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. This trek is located at 4000 ft high above the sea level.

3. Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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Simple sloppy trek of Uttarakhand which is best for skiing. In the trek route, you will cross the pine trees of Barsu and Raithal village. Then you will bypass the pristine water of Barnala lake surrounded by the woods. After Barnala, trekkers will move to Dayara, which is blessed with huge meadows. The curvy slopes of Dayara are perfect for the skiing this winter season.

4. Nag Tibba Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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The attraction of this trek is adventurous paths, natural realms and a special visit to Nag Devta. The locals believe that Snake God of this trek saves them from danger. The trekking route starts from Dehradun and crossing Pantwari, Nagtibba, and Devalsari and ends at Thatyur. Trekkers can also explore nearby peaks of Swargarohini (6,252 meters) and Nanda Devi (7,816 meters).

5. Kedar Kantha Winter Trek

Winter Treks
Source: Thrillophilia

Kedar Kantha holds numerous adventures in its land. The trekkers began the journey from Sankri and reach the maple trees studded Juda-ka-Talab. After, that trekkers leisure around the Kedarkantha Base and then moves to the Kedar Kantha peak. Well, the real fun comes afterward, when the downhill journey of Hargoaon pass blows your mind. As Hargoaon pass has an imperial view of the Himalayan treasures.

6. Kuari Pass Winter Trek

Winter Treks
Source: Kauri pass

Lord Curzon has blessed India with the beauty of Kuari Pass trek. Starting from the trekker’s hub Joshimath, this trail reached Kuari Pass. Where the buffet of beauty in the form of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Kamet, Hathi-Ghodi Parvat and Dronagiri is waiting for you. While slopping down you can have fun at India’s biggest skiing center, Auli. Moreover, the sparkling alpine forest holds the perfect image of sanity.

7. Snow Leopard Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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As you can already guess that this trek has preserved few rarest animals and birds of the century. Hemis National Park is the home of few rare vultures and snow leopards. While roaming on the curvy paths you might view few unique Fionas. You may come face to face with Tibetan wolves, horned sheep, blue sheep and Eurasian Brown Bear. Trekkers can also feast on the folklores of Rumbak Valley.

8. Frozen River Chadar Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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When we talk about the winter treks, then we can’t ignore the frozen river of Chadar. This river converts into the blanket of snow in the winters. Where trekkers can bask in the tweaky trek of this snow bed. Trek starts from Tilat Sumdo, and then will further go to Naerak Pullu, Tsomo Paldar and finally shall end at Chilling. The frozen waterfalls and streams left mesmerizing prints on your memory.

9. Dzongri Winter Trek

Winter Treks
Source: Trek the Himalayas

The phantom journey of Dzongri Trek starts from the capital of Sikkim. From fizzy pathways of Tsokha en route Bakkhim, it leads to Phedang. Where breathtaking view of snow hue pine trees is waiting for you. While exploiting this trek you can feast upon the peaks of Mt Pandim, Mt Thenchinkhang, and Mt Jhopuno. The impact of this trek is double as you have to descend from the same route.

10. Auli Gorson Winter Trek

Winter Treks
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Auli Gorson Trekking route has the ability to provides new meaning to the whole trekking experience. Starting from Rishikesh, the trek takes one to Joshimath, Auli and will end at Gorson Bugyal. The charming experience of exploring Nana Devi with the backdrop of pine trees is an energy booster. That’s the new way to trek and gather few memories. So, surge your inner warmth this season while trolling at the Auli Gorson Winter Trek.